Amazon’s #DeliverTheLove Campaign Brings All The Feels This Mother’s Day

There’s nothing a like a Mother’s touch. It’s magical, it’s pure, it crafts our very existence into being. Mothers handcraft a child’s life – right from the actual birth, and throughout every step and stage of the child’s growth. A mother’s touch is without a doubt the most powerful force of nature. It’s this beautiful concept that Amazon has picked up and shaped into a wonderful campaign this Mother’s Day.

This Mother’s Day, Amazon urges you to #DeliverTheLove by appreciating how your mother has literally been the force behind who you are today. Right from comforting you when you cried helplessly in your crib, to relentlessly coming up with ways to make you eat your food as a toddler, to ensuring you reached school on time, to being the rock solid person to come back home to with all your adolescent heartbreaks and to continuing to be your go-to person for every success and failure at work – our mothers are truly, phenomenal. Mother’s handcraft our lives, every single day. Amazon’s Mother’s Day campaign video captures these moments and much more in a simple yet beautiful way. Check out the video below:



The campaign video by Amazon creates an emotional connect with the audience. The video showcases just how brilliant our mothers are and how they’ve played a pivotal role in shaping our lives. Let’s #DeliverTheLove this Mother’s Day and bring a smile on the faces of our amazing moms.