If You Aren’t An Amazon Prime Member Yet, Here’s An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Amazon Prime changed its membership price to Rs. 179 per month but as a limited time offer till the 13th of December it is available for Rs. 129 per month.

Amongst all the multitude of ways in which Amazon has made life easier, their Amazon Prime membership has to be amongst the most loved features in their portfolio. Not only does the Prime membership give users a variety of benefits, it is also considerably cheaper than most similar products.

Members under the Amazon Prime programme enjoy benefits like free and faster delivery, enabling users to get what they want and when they want. They also get ad-free streaming on Amazon Music, so they can listen to all their favourite songs and podcasts without interruption. Members get access to exclusive deals before everyone else, giving them first dibs on offers. If you are into gaming, you get free access to in-game content as well. And then comes the most important benefit – access to Amazon Prime Video’s vast library of content.

So if you want to get something delivered at your doorstep in super speed, while binging on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, this is for you. You can take advantage of their limited time offer where you can become a member at a low cost and jump onboard. The membership is available at just INR 129 per month up until 13th December, 2021.