Amazon India Is Encouraging Customers To #DeliverThanks to Frontline Teams With A Sweet Gesture That Will Remind You Of Your School Days

Could you imagine what living through lockdown would be like if not for the delivery executives and others who pick, pack and sort your orders?

Amazon India has launched the second edition of its #DeliverThanks campaign and this time, they are encouraging customers to thank associates with a creative poster.

The campaign aims to recognise the efforts of the tens of thousands of associates across Amazon’s Operations Network who work relentlessly to ensure that festive shopping of customers reaches their doorstep safely and on time, every single time. 

For this edition, Amazon is asking customers to unleash their creativity and make a ‘Thank you’ note and paste it on their doorstep, a gesture which will leave a smile on the faces of the delivery associates. This way, customers can also show their appreciation in a more personal way. 

People can also show their appreciation by posting pictures of their posters on social media and tagging Amazon India using the hashtag #DeliverThanks. The most creative entries will be announced as winners and win vouchers for the same. 

Amazon has also rolled out a digital film which shines a light on Amazon’s associates across the operations network, giving audiences a glimpse of the people behind the scenes. While most customers see only the delivery associates at their doorstep, there are tens of thousands of people working behind the scenes who play a role in making each delivery possible. 

The digital film narrates the story of a kid who takes an effort to create a poster to thank the people at Amazon who ensure that his festive order reaches him safely and on time, and highlights the associates who picked, packed and delivered his order. The video ends with a montage of several thank you posters, nudging customers to participate in the campaign.

The objective of #DeliverThanks is to thank all those who fulfil our orders and deliver joy to our doorsteps. Right from the delivery associates, pickers, packers, sorters to other associates working in the fulfilment and delivery network, each one of them plays an important role in enabling our festive shopping. A little bit of kindness goes a long way, and the gesture will make them feel acknowledged and appreciated.