Fashion On Amazon Gives Voice To The Stories Of Diverse Individuals In Their Latest Campaign

Think about some of your most memorable moments – your first day at a new job, your first date or even your wedding day. Each of these special moments has one thing in common – you were looking your best, and were feeling your best.

It is a rather interesting insight, isn’t it? We love dressing up for our favourite moments, no matter how big or small. Fashion on Amazon has built their brand proposition around this exact insight, and thus was born ‘Har Pal Fashionable’.

Amazon is using its voice to change how we perceive fashion, and as a result also making fashion inclusive. It’s for everyone, for you, for me, and for anyone who wants to feel good about themselves. After all, fashion isn’t just about looking your best. It’s about feeling good, feeling confident and expressing our true selves.

Amazon simply wants to enable you to do that.

Keeping it real

The campaign’s tonality, the proposition and the communication itself is very different from most fashion led campaigns. Amazon has kept the narrative very real, very raw, and most importantly, very relatable.

To talk about what fashion can do for you, and how it can change your life, Amazon gave five diverse individuals a platform to tell their stories, and how they express their unique selves through fashion.

From a woman with vitiligo, to the endearing story of a transgender, to an older man refusing to be dictated by his age alone, the stories are as different as the individuals themselves.

They share with us their most vulnerable moments, opening up like the Amazon box itself.

Elevating the status of the iconic Amazon box

The Amazon box has a lot more than just clothes in it. When we open a box from Fashion on Amazon, we open a whole new world where we can embrace our true selves, where we can wear what empowers us, and wear what we can identify with. This metaphorical comparison between the opening of the box, and the opening of a new world is what gave birth to the brand’s proposition of ‘Tu Khul, Tu Khil, Har Pal’.

The campaign makes you feel like you belong

For a lot of us, fashion has been an alien concept. But hearing stories from individuals on how they use fashion to express themselves, and feel good about themselves, makes you feel included. It opens up a world of opportunities where we can do the same, and that’s what we love the most about the campaign. It’s human, and hence it resonates with everyone as well.