Amazon Delivers The Love Yet Again With This Beautiful Rakshabandhan Video

The relationship between a brother and a sister is a rather unique one. It’s one which involves a whole lot of banter and pranks, but an equal amount of love. It is your sister who has your back when you get into trouble with your parents, and it is your brother who goes out of his way to get you your favourite ice cream when you are down and low. You can troll each other and make jokes on each other, but as soon as a third person does the same to you, you have always got each other’s back.

We just stumbled upon Amazon’s Rakshabandhan video which captures this relationship beautifully! The video introduces us to little Sonu, who finds his old rakhis one day, and decides to tie the rakhis to himself, leaving us to wonder why he is doing that. He tries over and over again, but keeps failing. Check out the video, to see what the story is all about.

So, what works for the campaign?


The ad is so relatable! It is exactly what every brother staying away from his sister faces, and they put in all their effort to tie the rakhi to themselves to keep this special bond alive. All of us want our sisters to know that even though there might be physical distances between us, the closeness of our hearts will always remain.

Background Score

The background score and the lyrics are beautifully written, and keep you hooked to the story of Sonu and Simi. The lyrics express how the “sire”, the two ends of the thread that bind their hearts, are ‘ziddi’, and won’t tie.

The Message

Amazon’s very honest message in the end really takes your heart away. The brand says that while they cover thousands of miles of distance every day to reach their customers and deliver their packages, one distance they can’t cover is the distance between hearts. That is something only the customers can do. So, don’t just deliver a gift this Rakshabandhan, #DeliverTheLove instead!