AJIO.com Promises #100DaysOfNew This Festive Season With Aditi Rao Hydari

Festivals have always been about shopping, traditions and celebrations. But festivals can be so much more. Especially when your core target audience is young, fashionable millennials. Millennials who live life differently, and have a new ‘take’ on the usual. As a big fashion ecommerce brand with a distinctly bold, experimental DNA, AJIO.com had the opportunity to tap into that milennial mindset: the thirst for new.

The campaign, spans the entire festive season from Navratri and Dussehra, and from Diwali all the way to the Christmas/New Year season. This was the inspiration behind their overarching campaign idea of “100 Days of New”, with Aditi Rao Hydari as its fashionista face.

#100DaysOfNew by AJIO.com promises a brand new style, a brand new trend and a brand new fashion piece every single day during this festive period. The brand pitches that with their distinctive and fashionable festive collection, customers will always have that sense of new in their festive wardrobe.

In a very interesting campaign rollout, Aditi Rao Hydari asked users to follow her for these 100 days, as she explored these festivals adorning a brand new outfit every single day.

In another video released by the brand, we see Aditi taking part in various festivities from playing the garba and dandia, to absorbing the vibe in Kolkata during Pujo. The one thing that doesn’t change however, is the fresh and trendy style that AJIO.com offers for every occasion.

Each film and micro-moment, brings out little touches of newness on the usual traditions, as well as the freshness in the collection.

Through this fully integrated film-led campaign, with carefully designed social and digital extensions, custom-made for the Insta-generation, AJIO.com is aiming to transform each and every day, into new and unique experiences. 100 days of new, with Aditi and Ajio.

The campaign is going to continue following Aditi’s fashion journey all the way to Christmas and New Years, as we continue celebrating 100 days of festivals with 100 days of new. We like how the campaign is turning out to be, and here’s why :

Campaign Thought

We believe the core idea of the campaign, which is 100 days of new, spread across 100 days of festivities in itself was a winner. We all go partake in these rituals and celebrations and hence the campaign thought becomes very relatable. Choice of clothes and fashion has also become a big part of the festivities, and AJIO.com’s solve for the same allows the consumers to establish a quick connection with the brand.

Choice of Brand Ambassador

Aditi Rao Hydari is not only a known face amongst the core TG, which is the youth, but is also a relatable figure. Given it’s a fashion led campaign, her massive following on Instagram also allows a whole new platform for the brand to tap into.

The Background Score

This is definitely the most underrated, but the background score to these videos keeps you hooked. While browsing the comments section, we saw many users raving about the music and also confessing how they kept seeing the video on loop because of it.

Overall, the campaign is quite an interesting one, and we are looking forward to the next phase during Christmas and New Years. What are your thoughts?