After This Campaign, Wrogn Might Just Be The Next Word You See In The Oxford Dictionary


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To challenge the norm for the right reasons. 

One thing is for sure: This campaign is not something you see every day!

Since 2014, Wrogn as a brand has always drawn intrigue about their brand name. What does it mean? Why is it misspelled? Is it misspelled?

Nevertheless, Wrogn has crept up in people’s vocabulary… but it’s still not a legit word recognized by the Oxford Dictionary. 

So, the brand set out to make that happen. With a petition to the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak himself! 

A humble request 

With national icon Virat Kohli as the face, Wrogn has been a trendsetter in more ways than one. From quirky designs to fashion forward styles, to even producing an action movie which was a trailer for the brand, Wrogn has been consistently building its credentials as a much-loved, quirky fashion brand for India’s youth. Their vision has always been to make fashion more interesting and exciting. 

With this vision in mind, the brand took it to a whole new level with their latest campaign: make Wrogn an official English word, much like ‘jugaad’, ‘dadagiri’ and ‘khaki’.

Can’t argue, it’s a pretty special and unique way to celebrate the brand’s 8th anniversary!

What makes it special 

Wrogn isn’t just the brand’s name. 

The founders and team have given it a multi-faceted meaning and definition, complete as a noun, adverb, verb, and adjective. With this letter to the British Prime Minister, they have conveyed all the reasons it should be included in the dictionary. 

Come on, that’s pretty iconic.

Wrogn: a league of its own

No brand has attempted to get to the revered pages of Oxford Dictionary before! And the route too i.e., addressing a letter to the Prime Minister of a different country! It’s bold, it’s different, and it sure is memorable. 

Definitely a big bang way of getting more people’s attention towards the brand.

Could you imagine if Wrogn pulls it off?!

Bring something new to the table: Check
Seamlessly integrate the brand: Check
Create a buzz and make a shot at making history: Check!

What’s not to love 🙂