A Host On Airbnb Sold A Container As A Clean Home In Amsterdam

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Marketing is often dissed as ‘over-glorifying’ products and services, and this particulate Airbnb host certainly went to great lengths to oversell his “home”.

Ben Speller, a British citizen travelling to Amsterdam decided to rent a “Clean Home in Amsterdam with Private Bathroom” on Airbnb, which was categorised under a cottage for $150. The listing had only one picture on Airbnb, which was the iconic I Amsterdam logo.

When he reached the home, things didn’t really turn out to be as it was made to look on the listing. He found this shipping container on the side of a road (illegally parked), with a tine toilet and a makeshift bedroom.

Airbnb has since then refunded Ben, after the host refused to do so and has also removed all the host’s listings from their website.

We leave you with images of the “clean home in Amsterdam with a private bathroom”.