A cupid thing to do: Spotify and Dairy Milk Silk brought lovestruck couples together (and how!)

If music be the language of love and chocolate the food of the heart, then Spotify and Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk played cupid in the equation. Here’s how Cadbury partnered with Spotify for a unique campaign to make Silk a part of the love stories of young Gen Zs and millennials.

You can’t lock(down) away the love

The campaign was launched when India was under its first lockdown. Young couples couldn’t meet to express their love for each other, so the two brands came up with a way for them to express their feelings for each other from afar.

Since Gen Zs spend an average of 1.7 hours per day streaming music on Spotify, with romance being the top category, the brands curated a special experience for them so that they could express their feelings through a medium they could relate to: music.

Spotify leveraged its personalised playlists capability to help youngsters express their feelings for their crush in a cool way, just like teenagers with mixtapes in the ‘80s and ‘90s.  After all, playlists are the mixtapes of today, and who knows music and playlists better than Spotify?

How the magic happened

Spotify created a unique digital experience for Dairy Milk Silk in the form of a custom site built using its API. Spotify’s AI was used to target listeners through audio and video ads, which led them to the specially crafted site on clicking the ads. Once on the site, they could send a unique playlist to their special someone along with a little message of love. But that’s not all.

The romantics weren’t just given a chance to send a message, Spotify’s algorithms also created a special playlist where the first letter of every song name in the playlist spelled out their message of love. 

To make this an even sweeter experience, each listener who engaged with the microsite also got a chance to gift a Dairy Milk Silk to their loved one. 

More than a feeling

Fitting for a campaign built around love and aimed at bringing young romantics together, its results were just as sweet. More than a feeling, it was the numbers that did the talking:

Gen Zs and millennials got to share their love in a unique way, and Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk became a part of  numerous love stories with people “Saying it with Silk”.

As with all the love stories we root for, this Spotify campaign truly was one with a very happy ending.