A Collaboration Of Two Stars: BoroPlus And Akshay Kumar Came Together For A Special Campaign

How would you describe a quintessential Bollywood blockbuster? Some drama, some humour, some wholesome family vibes? BoroPlus’ latest campaign has it all, and then some. 

BoroPlus roped in versatile and multi-faceted superstar, Akshay Kumar as a brand ambassador; an apt fit for all the multi-purpose functions of the brand. 

The collaboration is the coming together of two household names for something bigger and better. The campaign is a testament to exactly this fact – have a look: 

Unpacking the concept

The brand film showcases two all-rounders: BoroPlus and Akshay Kumar. 

Known to be a family man, he is the perfect candidate to help propel the brand in its endeavour to be the ultimate caretaker of every family’s needs. By effortlessly playing the role of a caring son, doting husband, and loving brother, he’s proving to be the ideal face of the campaign. 

The idea is to ensure ‘Parivar Ki Khushiyaan’, and the brand has built a legacy in doing just that. And with this campaign, they are continuing to do so. 

Heart-warming, isn’t it?

Two household names, building each other up 

The campaign is upbeat, with a simplistic yet engrossing storyline – and that’s what makes it truly memorable. 

From Akshay Kumar’s extraordinary antics to the perfect comedic timing, everything about the brand film stands out. The dialogues, characters, and action all add value to the storyline. 

Chasing the epitome of ‘iconic’, the campaign is definitely one for the books!