#HerCourageLessons Is An Impactful And Much Needed Wake Up Call To All Parents

In a hard hitting campaign, MySchoolReviews.com asks some tough question to parents on the way they are raising their girls. The campaign suggests that while all parents shower a lot of love and care on their daughters, they might be unknowingly teaching fear to their little girls by way of certain statements.

“Don’t wear this” or “Don’t go there at night” are simple statements meant to look out for our daughters. Unknowingly but surely, they also instil fear in girls. Studies show that more than 63% of parents in India use statements like the ones above. The campaign #HerCourageLessons urges parents to relook at the lessons they teach their girls from a very young age.

To initiate the campaign, the brand launched a series of 3 films with popular nursery rhymes, but with substituted words. The happy visuals in the ad film with the eerie lyrics in the background go on to show how we unintentionally instil fear, while all we can see is fun and games. Check it out:

1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

2. Mary Had A Little Lamb

3. Baa Baa Black Sheep

The videos end with a clear call to action, asking parents to give a missed call on a number, upon which they receive a set of 26 letters of courage. 26 letters, one for each alphabet, designed specifically to teach courage to their daughters.




Every girl needs to bestowed with the priceless gifts of fearlessness and courage right from a very young age.

#HerCourageLessons is the latest campaign by Isobar India, the digital agency from Dentsu Aegis Network, for MySchoolReviews.com, a school listing and reviewing website, is making parents question the way they are raising their girls.

On the launch of the campaign, Anish Varghese, National Creative Director, Isobar India states, “This International Women’s Day, we do not want to discuss the lives of only a few girls. Rather we want to create impact on an entire generation. And all of this starts with a simple question to parents who are raising their girls – What are you teaching them – fear or courage? Data says that more than 63% of parents unknowingly teach fear to their daughters through their statements and actions. To make them aware of this, we twisted the very first lessons that kids learn and remember when they get old – the nursery rhymes.  The happy visuals in the films show that teaching is unintentional while what you hear will take you by surprise. #HerCourageLessons, powered by MySchoolReviews.com, urges parents to re-look at the lessons they are teaching their girls from a young age so as to raise the brave girls of tomorrow.”