This campaign encourages you to cook, click and share to have a ‘pyaar bhari diwali’!

Diwali is popularly known as the festival of lights, but if you reaaaaly ask people to be honest with themselves, they will tell you that it is a mouth-watering Indian food festival! Food is an integral part of the Diwali celebrations and Gowardhan planned something interesting around it to engage with their audience.

The insight that the brand caught onto was that the kind of food one cooks, tells us a lot about the person. Food indeed can be a true representation of our personalities and Gowardhan engaged with their audience via the same. Every single household in India will be preparing a myriad of desserts and dishes this Diwali, and they can win something very interesting by sharing their recipe with everyone.

The brand aims to celebrate the individuality of people which is represented by their choice of desserts during the festive season, and at the same time spread love and joy (and ofcourse the blessing of tasty food) by encouraging people to share their secret of good food!

You can go over to Gowardhan’s Instagram page, and spread the love yourself!