Amazon Enabled Users To Unbox The New OnePlus6 Using The Human Mind!

With the proliferation of smartphones, unboxing videos and reviews are the latest trend. Unboxing videos of late have become far too technical, and more often than not they resonate only with the technologically savvy.

In a ‘hatke’  approach, Amazon planned for a one-of-a-kind unboxing for the latest Amazon Exclusive launch – the OnePlus 6. The main USP of the much-awaited flagship from OnePlus was that it is the ‘fastest OnePlus phone ever’, and hence the unboxing was also planned around this feature.

The uniqueness of the event was that the human brain helped in the unboxing, and the participants stood a chance to win six brand-new OnePlus 6 phones using only the power of their mind. Participants were asked to think about only one thing – “Speed” with the contest being centered around one singular idea – “Think Speed, Win Speed”. The technology used enabled the measurement of the brain’s neural activity. Those who could focus on the element of “speed” for 6 seconds, were able to unbox the phone and win a brand new gadget for themselves.

Check it out!

Through this never-seen-before unboxing, not only were Amazon and OnePlus successfully able to create buzz around the new launch but were also able to communicate their best feature without going the usual route of boring and clichéd unboxings. They humanized the feature and elevated the USP of the phone to another level by leveraging the fastest instrument known to man – the human brain.

We loved this out-of-box unboxing, what are your thoughts?