Jeep Celebrated It’s First Annual 4×4 Day In India With This Kickass OOH Campaign

This past April 4th, the Jeep brand celebrated it’s first annual 4×4 Day in India. While this has been a global event for the last few years, this was the first time the internationally acclaimed event was celebrated in India. Give this was a first, the brand decided to dedicate the entire month of April to these celebrations and extended various offers to their customers to involve them in the celebrations.

The month was all about celebrating the spirit of adventure, of going anywhere, of doing anything and most importantly the fans and customers. The brand offered an easy upgrade to a 4×4 for all customers who were buying a 4×2. This activity saw tremendous success with the automobile company seeing an increase in the 4×4 sale volumes.

To reach out to more users, the brand also launched a never-seen-before OOH campaign. The brand used two adjacent hoardings in prime locations across top cities. While the left hoarding was how you’d expect any Jeep imagery to be – strong, rugged and powerful – there was mud being splashed on the right hoarding which was symbolic of the adventure that the brand stands for. The brand carefully chose the the adjacent hoarding to be the most common and popular kind of ads that you see on billboards. Check these out :

From a marketing point of view, we have two big takeaways :

1. Disruptive

The campaign was new in thought and crisp in execution. Usually, OOH campaigns in the automobile world is very predictable – huge billboards, with good looking vehicles in a scenic location. This campaign however, chose a different route and method of conveying their message.

2. Attention catching

In a world where you can find more hoardings than trees, it was very important for the campaign to stand out and catch the viewer’s attention. The mud splash immediately catches your attention, and makes you look twice. The campaign was quite literally ‘out of the box’.

Rahul Pansare, Head – Marketing and PR, FCA India Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. said, “At Jeep, we always strive to do things differently. We celebrated 4×4 month in April and achieved huge success from fans and customers who bought into the Jeep life. Apart from other media channels, I strongly feel OOH has a lot of potential for impact and innovation. Owing to the success of our 4×4 month campaign, we decided to use OOH as one of the key medium for a disruptive marketing campaign. The idea was out of the box and execution had a bit of adventure in it. These are the key ingredients we look for in our communication. The innovation has been well received by Jeep fans and the marketing fraternity as well. I am happy with the results we achieved and the response encourages brand Jeep to keep exploring new journeys.”

We loved how Jeep celebrated their first 4×4 month in India, what are your thoughts on the campaign?

About Jeep : Built on 75 years of legendary heritage, Jeep is the authentic SUV with class-leading capability, craftsmanship and versatility for people who seek extraordinary journeys. The Jeep brand delivers an open invitation to live life to the fullest by offering a full line of vehicles that continue to provide owners with a sense of security to handle any journey with confidence.