CERA Capitalizes On The Football Frenzy With Their Latest Football Mom Campaign

Yes, we are in the midst of the FIFA World Cup and the football fever is reaching its peak. Capitalizing on the tournament and the surrounding craze, CERA, a leading home solutions brand has launched an intriguing campaign which has kicked off to a great start. In merely 10 days, the video has crossed over four million views and is striking the right chords with their audience.

The video revolves around a mother and her son, and gives us a glimpse into their lives. From the very beginning it is clear that the most important thing in the mother’s life is her son’s happiness. It is this very characteristic which forms the rest of the story. Concpetualized by Eggfirst, the campaign is based on consumer insights which makes the campaign relatable to all users.

The now viral video is built on the brand promise of ‘Reflect your style’ and has been earning a lot of praise for the message that the campaign is conveying. Check it out :

Here’s what worked for the campaign :

The Transformation

The story is a transformation of a mother from a single-working-mom to a football mom, which she does to fulfil her child’s wish of playing with his parents just like his friends. It shows that we can achieve anything if we set our hearts to it.


The timing of the campaign in itself couldn’t be better. Released at the peak of World Cup fever, the content becomes so much more sharable for all cohorts of the audience.

Growing popularity of long format

The campaign adopts the long format video type, which has increasingly been gaining popularity. With mainstream social media platforms pivoting towards video, and the recent advent of IGTV supporting only long format videos, the brand and the digital agency accurately identified that this is the kind of content that users like to consume, and the results are there to show.

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