TOI Brings Out The Soul Of Each City In Their Latest ‘Flirt With Your City’ Campaign

We have a very special relationship with the city that we choose to live in, but over time that relationship becomes stagnant which inhibits the enjoyment of the city we live in. We resign to tried and tested outlets of entertainment, which restricts our exploration of the city’s pop-culture. We tend to get happy in our cocoons and self-imposed geographic confines, whereas we should be re-kindling our romance with the city. That’s where TOI’s metro supplements and their latest campaign comes in.

The Times of India has just launched a clutter breaking campaign for their metro supplements. The campaign titled ‘Flirt with your City’, aims to reinforce its positioning as the one stop destination for all news and gossip of each city’s bustling social life and everything related to the city pop culture.

The campaign uses Rap in a super-effective way encompassing everything that the city dweller associates with the city. For eg. if you see the Calcutta video, you will be greeted with visuals of the yellow ambassador taxis, the love for football and craving for good food.

Here are all the five videos which have been released, check it out!

Here’s what works for the campaign :


Each city’s video is very relatable to the specific audience, and it imbibes a sense of belonging to the city. When you see the video, you can imagine yourself in it, because you have been to those places, you have seen it with your very eyes and know exactly why it deserves its spot in the video.


Using rap is what makes the video clutter breaking. It’s an innovative approach taken by a media outlet which we haven’t seen other competitors dare to try. It successfully expresses the vibe of the city and the lyrics are spot on. The output is groovy and most importantly its nothing that you have seen before.


When you are launching videos on social media, the most important aspect is the video’s sharability. This is the kind of video that you tag your group of friends in, the kind of video which you want to send in the WhatsApp group of your school friends. The fact that the video is so engaging is the reason why overall the campaign has received more than 20 million views.

The campaign has successfully been able to create a dynamic anthem for each city driven by its unique pop-culture with the City Times at the centre of it all!