In GoAir’s Heart Warming Father’s Day Campaign They Are Bringing Families Together

Every year, on the third Sunday of June we celebrate Father’s Day. It’s a warm reminder to us about how special our dads are and how a lot of what we are today has been shaped by them. We celebrate it in various ways. It could be going out for a dinner with him, doing his favourite activity together, or just spending quality time bonding with him at home itself.

There are however millions of children who miss their dads on this special day. A lot of fathers spend days away from their families, for work, only coming home during the weekends. In a lot of cases, even the weekends aren’t an exception. It almost breaks your heart to know that so many children keep waiting for their dads to return home, but in vain. Only if there was a way to fill this gap.

This Father’s Day GoAir decided to do something special for “weekend dads” and their families. Through a heart-tugging story, GoAir is encouraging dads, all over the country to #GoHome and spend time with their kids and families. The campaign aims to highlight that with GoAir’s vast expanse of flight network across 23 destinations in India, fathers can now fly back home and be the reason for many special celebrations beginning with Fathers Day.

There are millions of kids like Adi who wish and pray that their father will come home to them. Kids don’t just look up to their dads, they look up for them. Through this video, GoAir is sending a simple yet beautiful message to all dads. #GoHome.