Airtel & Samsung Are Cooking Up Something Pretty Special. Twitter Knows, Do You?

You know that feeling when you really reaaalllyyyy reeeaaaaaaallllllyyyyy want to buy something but somehow or the other you wind up waiting? Well, you ain’t alone! Two epic brands realised this #FridayFeeling is far too prevalent and decided to get together and do something awesome to fix it! Enter Airtel & Samsung!

So here is all that went down to convert #FreakyFriday into #FantasticFriday! First up, Samsung made this musing on Twitter and set things rolling…

We hear you. And so did Airtel. Airtel replied to this tweet like any good bro would.

If this wasn’t enough to really make things intriguing, these brands straight up came up with a proposition to help people get rid of the painful wait to acquire something awesome they really want! A deal between Airtel & Samsung? We’re listening!

The conversation started buzzing on Twitter and it peaked the curiosity of our good ol’ Twitterati. And ofcourse they chimed in!

Good things come to those who wait? That’s a thing of the past in 2018. The best things now come to people who don’t wait! #WaitNoMore

People have been waiting desperately to get their hands on the S9 and the S9+, and so Airtel and Samsung decided to get together and make this wait disappear. Airtel now offers the S9 and S9+ at a small downpayment and EMIs bundled into the best postpaid plans! Yep its that simple now – no more waiting to save up for that new phone!

We loved the Twitter exchange between the brands that really got the curiosity going! And the fact that there was a nice deal at the end of it all only made it sweeter. What did you guys think?