Hitachi Introduces Us To The Hottest Guy Ever In Their Latest Summer Campaign!

Its’ that time of the year again, when the temperatures are soaring, the sun has no mercy and you are literally feeling the heat. Yes, it’s Summer. In the advertising industry, this season brings with itself a plethora of ads from air conditioning brands. All of them, largely the same with little or no creativity. But here’s one campaign which is truly ‘hatke’ and creatively breaks the advertising clutter.

Enter Hitachi.

In their latest campaign Hitachi introduces us to Suraj Chakravarty. The small ad film takes us through his life story, and the trials and tribulations he faces because of his unique condition. When Suraj gets angry, he gets red hot, igniting fire with direct contact. The problem seems to be involuntary and can appear anytime, but certainly when he is angry.

The quirky ad film takes us through all the remedies that his parents try on him, from cosmetic to karmic and yet nothing helped. Absolutely nothing could cool down Suraj, until one day he decided to get married. Check out the ad :

What really works for the campaign is Suraj being used as the perfect metaphor for the sun, and the eventual solution being provided by Hitachi. The short story ad format is successful in keeping the viewers engaged right till the end, speculating how Suraj will be cured and keeps you entertained with his quirks.

We like what we see, do you?