Bosch’s Latest Campaign Has A Solution For Everyone Thinking Twice Before Washing New Clothes

Imagine this. You have just bought your favourite top from that brand you have set your eyes on for months now. You wear it once, and then do either of the two things. You either keep wearing it a second, a third and a fourth time because you know that as soon as you wash it, that feeling of ‘new’ will go away. Or you be a dare-devil and take a chance by washing it straight away and risking damaging your new favourite top.

But worry not, because you live in the year 2018 and there’s technology to ensure that your favourite clothes get the care that they deserve.

Enter Bosch.

The brand knows how much you love your favourite clothes and how you have always wanted to give that extra care while cleaning them. Their latest range of Bosch Top Loader Washing Machines is armed with Advanced German Technology to take extra care of your favorite clothes and make your washing experience better and easier than ever. The product promises a powerful, durable and energy efficient drive system to provide an optimum washing performance. They also have the intelligent PowerWave Wash system which ensures better movement of clothes and delivers the best wash results without compromising on care.

Never thought there could be so much technology involved in washing clothes, right? Well, for that extra bit of care, it is definitely needed.

Check out Bosch‘s latest TVC below. Not only are the protagonists very relatable, but the message is also communicated very crisply :

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