Suzuki Motorcycles Launches An Intriguing PSA To Promote Safe Riding In India Using Social Media To Target Millennials

The two wheeler riding habits in our country often puts safety as the last priority. One in every five fatal two-wheeler accidents are caused due to the rider not wearing an appropriate helmet. Studies show that wearing the helmet improves the chances of survival by upto 42%. While the situation has improved in the last few years, there are still miles to go to enforce safety rules. It is clear that more than the fear of law enforcement and fines and penalties, what is really necessary is a behavioural change.

Enter Suzuki Motorcycle India

Their latest campaign #CaughtWithoutHelmet focuses on the insight of how important social media perception is for millennials. We think umpteenth number of times before we post something on social media – “Am I looking fine? Will I come across as rude? Will this make me look stupid?”. We are very aware of how we come across online. The campaign leverages this concern to call-out offenders who do not follow the basics of riding a two-wheeler.

Have a look at the campaign videos :

1. There’s famous, and then there’s infamous.

2. Lesson learnt the hard way.

So what works for this campaign?


The campaign aimed at young India manages to establish a strong connect with the audience by speaking to them in a language they understand. The internet generation closely relates to the concept of social media imagery, and they are quick to act on the same as well. The tonality of the video is quirky and funny, something which this cohort associates with much more than fear inducing campaigns.

Action Inducing

While most road safety campaigns are just about spreading a message, this particular one goes one step ahead and encourages the audience to help in enforcing behavioural change by clicking pictures of those who aren’t wearing a helmet and uploading them on Facebook, with the hashtag #CaughtWithoutHelmet.

360 degree Campaign extension

A series of short video films have been launched across all of the brand’s social media properties, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Further, the brand also encourages the audience to sign a petition to always wear a helmet, and as a result to not get caught without a helmet. You can “sign the petition”, by clicking on the link below :

Overall, a nicely done campaign which take more action than it makes noise. Kudos!