Voltas Has The Perfect Solution To Take Care Of Indian Summers


It’s that time of the year again when your comfort is directly dependent on how cool your body temperature is! For Indians, the ideal way to beat the heat is to stay indoors in the comfort of your AC. But for most of us, keeping the AC on for long also means rocketing electricity bills! And thus the constant game of switching the AC on and off to save electricity to get respite from the heat which results in sleepless nights. It’s this sharp insight that a brand has caught on to – Voltas.

You think ACs and you think Voltas. Voltas is the No. 1 AC brand in India and has always been the most trusted one amongst Indian consumers. This time around they have just the perfect campaign with the right dose of humour to create a relatable story. They have launched two TV commercials with their affable brand ambassador “Murthy” who is accompanied this time with an unwanted guest in his house. The “Atithi” makes Murthy’s life uncomfortable by sipping his coffee and taking control of his TV while he is totally comfortable keeping the AC switched on 24*7. However, Murthy is smarter, since he has Voltas All Star Inverter AC which saves more & gives consistent cooling. Have a look:

Coffee Time

TV Time


What really works for the campaign is how closely relatable the protagonists are to a typical Indian household. The message is crisp and effective, and ensures that the brand recall is high. The humorous touch to the storyline keeps the viewers engaged and creates a strong mark right before the weather Gods unleash the heat on us.

The two-stage steady cool compressor of the Voltas AC delivers consistent cooling & savings. This ensures that you can keep the AC on throughout without raking up an enormous bill – the perfect dream combination! Simple and effective – the campaign works! So go ahead and enjoy the coolness of the AC while saving money like a boss!