Datsun’s Latest Campaign Is About Inspiring Stories Of Real Datsun Redi-GO Owners

Datsun has recently launched a campaign which brings to life inspiring stories of real Datsun redi-GO owners. Through this campaign the brand aims to talk about the bold choices which many Datsun redi-GO owners have made to realise their dreams across different walks of life.

The campaign – More Power 2 You – is a three part series comprising of short videos. It’s a refreshing watch and more importantly, it crisply integrates the role of the car in their lives as well.

1. The one who spread his wings and flew

Rishav Basu, a young theatre artist and actor stayed back in the city of Kolkata for his love of cinema and he mastered the difficult skill of acting, even though all his peers asked him to move to Mumbai. He displayed fierce individualism, self-belief and most importantly, made BOLD choices. 

2. The one who dreamt with his eyes open

Sumit Poddar, a middle class man from Bihar took a risk to fulfil his entrepreneurship dreams and to create an identity for himself and his family in the world. He worked hard, faced hardship with fearlessness and most importantly, made BOLD choices.

3. The one who explored the unknown

Hari Sankar Babu C, a merchant navy officer came from a family of doctors and engineers, but he wanted to sail out on his own path. He has faced life threatening storms, but his inner explorer keeps bringing him back to the vast oceans. He dared to explore the unknown, and most importantly, made BOLD choices.

The brand believes that bold, fearless and passionate are the adjectives which define both the car and its owners, and hence this campaign was made to celebrate the unconventional paths Datsun Redi-GO owners have embarked upon to realise their dreams and achieve success in life.