Bournvita Biscuits Just Gave These People An Unprecedented & Unforgettable Morning!

For a majority of Indians, their morning begins with the doorbell of the milkman. It is a rigid constant in an otherwise rapidly changing life routine. For those who can relate to this, what if one morning you opened the door and there was no milk man, but you were greeted with something like this –

Yes, these are real pictures from an activation that Bournvita ran in Pune. While the city was busy with their daily routine, some citizens spotted something which was quite extra-ordinary. The Bournvita and Milk mascots were strutting along the streets leaving people confused, yet highly amused. As the mascots made their way into a housing complex, the curiosity rose as to what exactly these mascots were up to.

Bournvita decided to surprise unsuspecting residents in the morning with these mascots delivering milk and ‘subah ka biscuit’ to them early in the morning.

We see the adorable mascots spread a lot of fun and joy, while they play with the kids, take selfies with the families and in general leave people with a smile on their faces.

Check out the video :

We love how the brand has been able to execute such a heart warming campaign and at the same time they have been successful in delivering their core message crisply in a non-intrusive manner.

With this campaign, Bournvita Biscuits aims to associate itself as ‘Subah Ka Biscuit’, much like the brand has been associated with milk for the past many years. Bournvita Biscuits is a morning snack that has the same health benefits and signature taste that the brand has is popular for.

Look out, next time you open the door for your milkman, it might just be these two mascots waiting to make your day!