Sonu Nigam Adds His Musical Magic To Luminous’ Latest Film About Finding One’s Khushiyon Ka Ghar

Luminous as a brand has always stood for powering millions of happy homes. In their latest campaign, which is also their first brand film, they have taken this concept to a whole new level.

The brand is now aiming to connect emotionally with the audience, and in a way looking to graduate from being the most trusted brand in this segment to the most loved brand! All Luminous products allow us to have a comfortable life at home. From Inverters, UPS and batteries to Fans, Switches, LED lights and Wires, the brand has been known for innovative products. But with this campaign, they are moving a step forward. The brand has understood the importance of creating memories filled with happiness at home, and has used this brand film to reach into the hearts of its audience. The video in itself is a great watch and what really works for it, is that you will see a little bit of yourself in the story of Sid and Riya. Check it out :

The subtle message? The brand aspires to continuously empower happy homes – “Khushiyon Ka Ghar

The agency’s creative team crafted the brand’s anthem lyrics and the melody was brought to life with two of the most renowned Bollywood artists. Clinton Cerejo gave depth to the verses by composing the music while Sonu Nigam, a natural choice to reach a broader audience across the country, enlivened the melody with his interpretation.

The brand which was known for trust and innovation is now envisioning to be known for care and happiness. Khushiyon ka ghar is a beautiful brand story and takes us along in the brand’s journey of creating happy homes!

Kudos to Luminous!