Classmate Pitches To ‘Be Better Than Yourself’ In Their Latest Campaign

Throughout our school and college journey, we were always compared with others. Our marks were compared with that of our classmates, and our co-curricular activities with those of our peers. Our society has always been achievement-oriented rather than improvement-oriented. We have always perceived ‘others’ as competition, and never ourselves.

Classmate  in their latest campaign is attempting to break this thought process, and in turn aiming to encourage children to pursue their dreams. The brand believes that the current education system focusses only on evaluating a child’s potential basis the marks scored and comparison against peers. Whereas education should enable children and parents to explore and achieve the child’s potential.

This is where the campaign thought of ‘Be better than yourself’ kicks in. Classmate is urging parents and children to focus on being better versions of themselves that what they were yesterday. The campaign embodies the belief of continuous improvement.

Check out the video :


We love how the campaign is executed, and how crisply the message is delivered. The campaign challenges the traditional meaning of competition itself, by making it a race against oneself. It establishes the fact that the rise to the top is a battle against oneself, and merely a journey with the others.

The campaign is designed to encourage children to chase his or her future self. To set only their personal values and ambitions ahead of them, and to be judged only on their own metrics, not anyone else’s.

The campaign’s thought shifting, and culture changing approach has been appreciated by many. The brand is facilitating a pressure-free and happy environment for our children to grow, learn and live in.