Flipkart Just Gave April Fools An Epic Twist With ‘No Kidding Days’!

April 1 has been so far associated with the age-old April Fools’ Day. Few innocent lies, practical jokes and you get the drift. But let’s be honest, it’s losing its charm for kids and adults alike. Well a brand’s now putting an epic twist to April Fools’ – yep, who else but Flipkart! Flipkart brings to you something a LOT more exciting to celebrating this April – ‘No Kidding Days‘!

April 1 will now mark the beginning of No Kidding Days in India! This unique sale starting from April 1 brings a range of assured top quality products at great prices. What’s new, you ask? Well, new is the very definition of quality this time around. Ratings and reviews are a great way to assess the worth of what you’re buying. For example, see a product with a solid 4 stars and a 1000 rave reviews – rest assured this will be a great buy! Aside from that, you can obviously infer good quality from checking out the top brands and looking out for Flipkart Assured. That’s not just it though – if you find the stamp of ‘Flipkart Smart Buy‘ you can conclude that this is their own great quality private label!


Flipkart’s found a super cute and creative way to get this message across. They’ve landed the concept through their awesome Flipkart ‘kidults’…and a crow. Yep, you read that right. It’s a simple but genius way to break the clutter and really bring to life the very essence of ‘jhooth bole kauwa kaate‘! How apt is this analogy for a sale starting on the supposed April Fools’ Day! We love it! The digital-only videos showcase the quirky life-in-a-day adventures of the Flipkart kid and the crow. Check out some of the videos below:

Some hard truth dished out while ironing…


The crow keeping him honest – after all, jhooth bole, kauwa kaate!



Aviator sunglasses at just…wait whaaaaaaat?



The crow-ji continues to keep him honest! 😀



The most trusted lie detector in the world checking out the best assured branded towels!



Aaaand out favourite – move over pinky promise, we need to make kauwa promise a thing!



All in all, a really well thought campaign executed to perfection – can’t wait to shop! Here’s to counting down to No Kidding Days!