Chivas Unveils The Power Of Collective Success In Their Latest Campaign ‘Win The Right Way’

We live in a world where we are always running behind personal milestones. We are always consumed in the task of winning at all costs, or getting ahead at all costs, as long as it involves winning. But wouldn’t the world be such a better place if we could celebrate collective winning, if we could take our society forward with us, and we could collaborate with others and do something for the greater good.

Enter Chivas. 

In Chivas’ latest campaign titled ‘Win The Right Way’, the brand unveils the power of shared success and celebrates the spirit of collaborative partnerships. Here’s the video which very crisply drives the strong brand positioning of shared success :

The ad film’s bold storyline showcases a world which defies the stereotypes of celebrating only personal milestones and instead applauds team effort and collective winning. It reinforces the point that the path to success is always collaborative and so much more meaningful that way. It is important to enrich, than to just get rich.

The film is targeted at young leaders of today and encourages them to change the paradigm of doing business by taking their colleagues and the society together in the path to success. The campaign is not only inspiring but also creates a positive impact on the young workforce. Success whilst making a positive impact on the lives of others is much more satisfying and meaningful.

The ad film is relatable to the audience that it is targeted to and gets the message across beautifully. “Win the right way” has been a successful campaign for Chivas worldwide, and with the campaign footprints now in India, we hope this goes ahead and makes the positive change that it is aiming to bring, which is encouraging social entrepreneurs who run businesses in a way that benefits society on the whole.