Suzuki Has Just Launched India’s Modern Cruiser, A Perfect Combination Of Styling And Performance!

Suzuki has just launched one of its international classics – Intruder, in India! Coming from the rich heritage of Suzuki’s stable, this bike has widely been hailed as India’s Modern Cruiser. The bike offers a perfect combination of modern styling, features and performance. With features which enable a high performance this launch is set to establish Suzuki as the leader in the Sporty segment in India.

What stands out is the styling of the bike in itself. The legendary Intruder style headlamp makes it look premium and the dynamic styling cues of the front cowl adds substantial size to the motorcycle.


The smart digital instrumentation also works in a big way for the Intruder. All necessary functions are packed into a flat panel screen which looks like a smart-phone.


The rear combination tail light features a compact design with horizontally laid out LED lights which serves as sporty styling as well as a functional element.

The motorcycle has a sharp twin exhaust for improved efficiency and sporty appearance. With features like Anti-lock brake system, the braking force is automatically controlled and it avoids wheel lock up due to slippery roads or sudden change of road conditions.

The Suzuki Eco Performance concept which is part of the package, ensures a next-generation engine which offers both low fuel consumption and superior acceleration.

The introduction of this ride in India has been met with much fan-fare, check out the recently launched TVC below :

With the motorcycle aimed at Young India, the commercial touches the right notes of reliability and dares Young India to set out on adventure with Suzuki Intruder.