This Video Encourages Women To #InvestForProgress Through A Strong Story Line

In the last year, we have witnessed many brand stories about women empowerment and equality. Many have changed the course of how women’s lives are affected on a daily basis, while many have missed the mark. On the occasion of Women’s Day, Franklin Templeton Investments has rolled out a video which encourages a brand new thought process when it comes to the financial freedom of women – a topic which has not been spoken about before and is as important as all other initiatives towards women empowerment.

The campaign by Franklin Templeton Investments is fresh in its approach, it is unseen and is the need of the hour. The video encourages men, be it fathers or husbands to drive a change in thought process towards ensuring that the strong women in their lives take charge of their investments on their own. For instance, this video revolves around a grandfather and his grand-daughter. The girl has just settled in her new job and has just begun to earn. This is where the crux of the campaign lies – Don’t just learn to earn, learn to invest. #InvestForProgress

We love the subtle twist towards the end, and encourage everyone to adopt this ‘nayi soch’. 

The message to women in this campaign is also crisply communicated. Earning in itself is not enough, and only through investing your hard earned money in the right way you may achieve financial independence.

Disclaimer – An investor education and awareness initiative by Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund. Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.