CEAT Made A Scooter Handle Which Conceals A Pepper Spray To Ensure Safety Of Women Riders

We are living in the year 2018, in the biggest democracy in the world. You would think that we must definitely be a civilised society where our sisters and mothers are safe on the streets and can do what they want, how they want and when they want. But alas, we ourselves teach our daughters to come back home before the sun sets. The reason?

India, a country where an act of crime against women is committed every two minutes.

There are various initiatives that brands have taken with respect to women’s safety and empowerment in the past, but most of it is all talk and no effect. Enter CEAT.

CEAT as a brand has been synonymous with road safety for vehicles. They are now doing something which will keep women safe off it too. In order to making riding safe for women in India, CEAT has combined innovation and functionality to introduce a brand new ‘safety grip’. It’s basically a scooter handle which conceals a pepper spray, and can be accessed quickly and easily. The aim? To empower women into taking charge of their own safety.

Check out their hard hitting video below :

Women’s safety is one of the biggest concerns in our country and we haven’t even scratched the surface in terms of creating solutions to counter it. This, while it may be a small step, is at least a right step towards it. Through the CEAT safety grip, the brand has reinforced their long time key proposition – ‘Making mobility safer and smarter everyday’.

The product can be bought on Amazon, you can access it here. Currently the ‘safety grip’ is compatible with Honda Activa scooters, and basis the response the brand is aiming to customise it for many more popular two wheelers as well.

Pepper sprays are widely used for self-defence all over the world as it causes a temporary but intense burning sensation for almost 1 hour. With this initiative, quick and easy access to it is assured, and it will also go a long way in instilling confidence amongst women riders and empowering them to ensuring their own safety.

Good stuff!