This Brand Is Sharing Stories Of True Love, And They Are So Adorable

There are a bazillion ways in which we can express our love for one another. It really doesn’t need to be cliched. To express that you care, you don’t really need gifts. You don’t need to remember the red flowers either, and you definitely don’t need a big budget.

There are other meaningful expressions of love, and this is exactly the insight that Kalyan Jewellers has picked up for their latest campaign – #LearnToLove

The brand has taken this concept to the next level, by sharing stories of love with their audience. The stories are very relatable, and more than anything, they are oh-so-adorable. They tie back wonderfully into the campaign insight, and give us a fresh take on the expression of love.

Here are our favourite stories :

1) The one where you start loving the little things your partner is obsessed about.


2) The one where you start noticing the small things your partner does for you


3) The one where you are ready to change your habits


4) The one where you make small compromises to make your partner feel safe


5) The one where there is no joy than the joy of working together.


6) The one when gifts become an experience.


7) The one where you change your habits to make your partner smile


8) The one with the wedding vows.


9) The one with the Night Watch


10) The one with the Masterchef.


11) The one where you can teach and learn from your partner


12. The one where you let go of little things.

What’s your story?