Godrej Has A Swanky New Office And There’s A Quirky Rap Song About It

Corporate videos are usually very drab, boring to an extent and has almost nothing for viewers like you and us. You know, you’d rather just look at cat memes than see a brand talk about themselves to no end with nothing in it for you.

Enter Godrej.

We recently stumbled upon a corporate video that is the complete opposite of that. It was fun, it was quirky and it made us want to watch it till the end. Godrej’s new #WhereWeWork video is a refreshing, fun spin on those standard corporate videos. Played out as a rap song, #WhereWeWork is performed entirely in house – all the rappers, dancers and actors you see in the video are actually people who work at Godrej.

But wait hold on, what are rappers, dancers and actors doing in a video by Godrej?

Godrej has recently revealed its swanky new company headquarters – Godrej One in Mumbai. The video is basically the brand flaunting the stunning state-of-the-art facility. It’s a walkthrough, by none other than employees of the company itself.

Before you see the video, hear this. If you are making an after work plan with your colleagues, there’s a Social right in the campus. So no more debates about choosing the place. If you are hungover the next day and really need some caffeine, there’s a Starbucks in the campus as well to help you with that. If you forgot your groceries because you were busy partying last night, they have that sorted as well. There’s a Nature’s Basket store on the campus too.

Check it out!

What really resonated with us, was how refreshing this was and the fact that every single person in the video was actually a Godrej employee.

Now imagine how awesome it would be to work over here.

No wonder they call themselves 120 years “young”!