Fastrack Has Given STFU A New Meaning – Shut The Fake Up!

What do you do when you order sushi at your favourite Japanese restaurant? You take a picture of it and put it online.

What do you do when you go on a vacation? You keep updating your Insta Story with the locations you are visiting.

What do you do right you after that? You keep checking your posts incessantly to see the likes and hearts you are getting.

Fastrack‘s latest campaign – “Shut the Fake Up” is the brand’s appeal to its audience to break free from this social facade. Narrated at breakneck pace, the commercial holds up a mirror to present-day behaviour on Social Media that glorifies putting on a show for adulation. Taking pictures of food, or dressing up for the attention – a tireless display of oneself online, to fake an identity online that barely matches one’s real-world self. A story told in two parts, it contrasts two ways of approaching courtship. One by hiding behind the facade of Social Media currency and the other though sheer, honest self-expression.

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“Shut the Fake up!” as a concept has been brought to life in this film by Happy mcgarrybowen, the creative agency from Dentsu Aegis Network, and it gets the point across in a crisp yet relatable way. With this campaign Fastrack challenges the norms and carves a pathway for millennials. Be it being big and beautiful, being online or offline, or simply being different and unique in your own way. It’s all about being real – online and off it.

Kartik Iyer, CEO – Happy mcgarrybowen, said: “We live in over-connected times. At times way more than required, if you observe the fake personas people create around themselves succumbing to the social pressure. A huge part of the youth is already talking about taking a break from Social Media – a digital detox. We found a huge opportunity here to reflect on how today’s youth are seeking more authentic experiences and feeling no fear in baring their real selves. Who else but Fastrack to call this out and bring attention back to what the youth really cares about – real interactions and appreciation. We felt it was the perfect space for Fastrack to stand up and own, in its own inimitable fashion.”

Happy mcgarrybowen, as the agency behind this concept has ensured that the campaign fits in with the brand’s tradition of being in tune with the language of the youth.

Do you know someone who puts up a filter for the sake of it? Someone who uses a hashtag not knowing what it stands for or goes to parties just to be socially relevant? Do you laugh at things you don’t find funny or do you spend too much time in front of the mirror at the gym than the weights? Fastrack has 4 really real words for you-Shut the Fake Up!