This Film By Sensodyne Introduces Us To The People Living In The Coldest City On Earth

Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s introducing to you – The coldest city on Earth!

Yakutsk, Siberia


To understand the severity of cold in this city, you need to know a few facts. Boiling water freezes in the air in Yakutsk. In fact it gets so cold, that if you throw hot water into the air, you can see it turn into ice before it hits the ground. Sounds like a tough place to stay right? How do people lead normal lives in such extreme conditions, you must be thinking. In fact, in Yakutsk, schools stay open in almost any weather. They are not closed until temperatures fall below -50°C. The locals treat -40°C as their Spring season!

But the cold doesn’t just bring extreme living conditions, it also brings with it issue with teeth sensitivity, and that’s where Sensodyne comes in. Sensodyne travelled to Yakutsk to meet the locals and understand how they cope with the challenge of having sensitivity pain in such an extreme environment.

It became quite challenging for the Sensodyne team itself when a floor of ice developed inside their production vehicle over the course of the journey. Their cameras required special casing to ensure that they even switched on. Through the course of their journey the team met an eclectic group of people. Their stories about how they coped with the environment, and its effect on their sensitivity were eye-opening, all captured in Sensodyne’s documentary to the Coldest City on Earth.



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