UC Browser’s Latest Campaign Promises To Kick Buffering Out Of The World Wide Web

Picture this. You have your friends over for movie night. The popcorn was great, the movie has built a great plot and is nearing the climax. You still don’t know who the killer is. It is just going to be revealed, and then you see this…


Don’t you just hate it when that happens. Doesn’t it make you want to do this..


What if we say you could?

This is exactly what UC Browser‘s latest campaign promises to do. Their pitch is “Say goodbye forever to buffering” – and what we really like is the manner in which the video is executed. The brand has humanised the concept of buffering, and taken an extract from one of the most iconic suspense scenes in the movie industry. Have a look :



What really works for the video campaign is that it is highly relatable. Buffering indeed is the most annoying thing that the internet brings with itself, and is something that every one of us has faced, especially while binging our favourite shows. Further, the plot picked by them in itself is one of the most iconic movie scenes of recent times.

We love the ‘hatke’ approach taken by UC Browser to get their point across, which we are getting to see so little of of late.