This Inspiring Luminary Is Using White Bullets To Change The Lives Of Young Girls

We recently stumbled upon a really special story which was all about bringing together communities, sharing love and lighting up dreams – all through the power of education! This is an untold story of an Indian who has been illuminating lives, identified by Luminous Power Technologies, and rightly called a Luminary.

Luminous is a pioneer in the field of Girl Child Education. It has been using social and digital platforms to recognise people who support this cause and are actively making a difference to society. One such Luminary is Col. Christopher Rego, a retired Army officer who is supporting the education of over a thousand underprivileged children, mainly girls, in North East India.

In a region where conflict between communities is rife, the story of how Col. Chris and his young team at Sunbird Trust work towards their agenda of “Peace Through Education” is inspiring. The pilot project of Sunbird Trust, is at Ijeirong, a remote village in Noney District of Manipur. The Paangkriang Friendship School at this village educates over 470 children. The co-located hostel, Sunbird Friendship Hostel, built by Col. Chris, provides accommodation and access to education for 250 tribal children from a dozen neighbouring villages. The name “Friendship” signifies the fact that the school and hostel are meant for children of different tribes and communities without discrimination. Here, children from diverse backgrounds live, study and play together in perfect harmony. Today, bridges of friendship are built with people from other parts of India who sponsor the education of children across North East India through Sunbird Trust.

In appreciation and support of the cause, Luminous is ensuring that basic amenities like electricity are not lacking. The company has given Paangkriang Friendship School and hostel solar products that illuminate and provide uninterrupted power to the entire campus including the computer centre.

Here’s the story of this largely unknown Luminary Col Chris Rego, and how he and his team, with the help of Luminous, have brightened the lives of so many girls.

Luminous is looking out for more such Luminaries. If you know potential candidates, please share their stories with us. While Luminous is doing its bit in providing support to Col. Christopher Rego and his team; you can provide your support as well! –