Volkswagen Just Won The 2018 Auto Expo, By Not Even Participating In The Expo!

While the entire country has been buzzing about the Auto Expo 2018, Volkswagen flagged off the event in their own special way. No, they did not participate on the Expo and yet were the most talked about car brand during the event. No, there were no new launches, and no introduction of new cars. But yet, the idea was so much more engaging than what usually happens at an Auto Expo.

The car-maker introduced ‘The Legendary Test Drive’ where they had a fleet of 30 Volkswagen cars covering a distance of 30 kilometres, and landed up right outside the venue of the Auto Expo. This legendary test drive allowed auto enthusiasts and customers to experience some of Volkswagen’s most popular cars like the Tiguan, Vento, Polo, GTI, Ameo and the all-new Passat.

Here’s a sneak peak into what transpired :


Boy, they sure know how to make an entry!

Here’s why this was a far better approach than simply showcasing the cars at the Expo. Firstly, this was a far more holistic experience for the customers and they were able to enhance their understanding of the products that Volkswagen offers. More importantly, it goes a long way in strengthening the brand perception.

Instead of spending a huge sum of money at the expo, the brand decided to do something absolutely different. They not only grabbed more eyeballs with their fleet of 30 Volkswagen cars, but also ensured that their customers and auto enthusiasts got a much better experience in getting to know the cars.

What a great idea!