You Can Now Binge Watch The Most Awarded TV Shows On Airtel TV App For Free

Don’t you just love saving money? Isn’t it always a delight when we find value in the things we consume, and when we are able to optimise our spending.

However, there are times when we aren’t able to extract the full potential of value, and more often than not, it happens with our phone bills. Some months it will be high because of all those roaming calls you made while on a weekend getaway. Other times you’ll probably run up a high bill because you watched too many videos on a lazy Sunday. This is where Airtel’s latest offering comes in.

Airtel is here to delight their customers with a full value plan! Here are a few things which the brand is ensuring you can do with their offer.

1. Talk to your friends at length, whether you are in your city or travelling around the country.

Airtel is offering unlimited local, STD and roaming calls.

2. Watch as many videos on your phone while you are stuck in traffic.

Airtel is also offering 40 GB of data that can be rolled over, unlimited internet without any daily cap.


3. But most importantly, you can now binge watch all your favourite shows via the Airtel TV app.

Airtel is giving a 1-year free Amazon Prime subscription.


Oh, wait, allllll of this for how much you ask?

Rs. 499 only.

You can thank us later 😀