Asian Paints Hits A Home Run With Its Beautiful Campaign #HomesNotShowrooms

Every single person dreams of creating the perfect home. It’s one of those monumental milestones in life – to own your own place that you can set up exactly how you want. But in this crazy rush to build the perfect exterior along with interiors crafted to minute perfection, we sometimes let go of the very essence of a ‘home’ and instead settle at a good looking ‘house’ instead. It’s this insight that Asian Paints has caught on to, and created a beautiful campaign around.

#HomesNotShowrooms appeals to our emotional side that reminds us of all the little big things that actually truly make up a home. A home isn’t about impeccable paint on the walls or scratch-free furniture. A home is a space filled with memories, with personal touches, where one can be themselves. Asian Paints’s latest video showcases exactly that through the eyes of a small, loving family. The man of the house is obsessed with ensuring not a mark appears anywhere in his home, until he realizes he’s killing the essence of the home itself. It’s a short but beautifully conceptualized video, where every little moment from hanging up the child’s drawings to tracking height with pencil marks on a wall are so relateable. Watch the entire video below:



We absolutely love the video! #HomesNotShowrooms inspires us to create a beautiful home with personalized decor that not just looks great but allows us to feel liberated in our homes. It really brings to life how a good home is a means of self-expression, allowing bonds to flourish and memories to be made. Asian Paints really owns it’s place as a pioneer in this industry, by stepping up and inspiring the audience to create a richer home, filled with love and precious moments. After all, there really is no place like home!