Appy Fizz Gave A Very Fizzy Gift To These Salman Khan Fans!

How would you feel if you were given the chance of meeting your childhood hero, or your favourite sportsperson or the star you love the most?


And what if that star is Salman Khan?

It’s not everyday that fans get to meet their favourite stars, and when they do, it indeed is a big deal for them. Appy Fizz recently did a campaign where they gave their customers the opportunity to meet none other than Salman Khan himself. All the users needed to do was to pick up an Appy Fizz bottle and SMS the code at the back of the label. 10 lucky winners were chosen to meet the superstar on the sets of Bigg Boss. These contestants came from all corners of the country, from North to South and from East to West.

Big Boss indeed made the dreams of these fans come true, but what we loved the most was Salman’s interaction with them.

He gave them hugs..


He posed for photographs with them..


… and basically gave them the fizziest times of their lives. Each and every contestant was overwhelmed with the meeting, and when asked what they would do when they meet him, most of them said that all they wanted to do was hug their superstar.

When a contestant mentioned that the special thing about the drink was Salman Khan himself, he was very humble in his response when he comically agreed to get diluted in the drink for her.

From photographs to autographs, the contestants were stunned by the end of the meeting.

Talk about making dreams come true. Check out the entire video below :