Gorkha Beer Captures The Essence Of Nepali Pride And Honour

“If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or a Gurkha” – this one line pretty much captures the essence of this extraordinary clan of soldiers from Nepal i.e. the Gurkhas or the Gorkhas. Nepal is a country of immense pride and nationalistic spirit, and it only gets heightened by the presence of Gorkhas. They’re extremely brave, loyal and disciplined soldiers serving in armies around the world. And there’s a brand that’s created a fitting tribute to the Nepalese and the Gorkha spirit.

The Gorkha Beer is set apart from its peers by the very philosophy of the brand. The Gorkha Beer was conceptualized a decade ago by the Gorkha Brewery as a tribute to the soliders. What started off a beer targeted at tourists soon caught the nationalistic pride of Nepal and became an integral part of the Nepali youth lifestyle. The Nepali youth began favouring the local brew to other brands and began reveling in a sense of pride associated with the Gorkha beer. Gorkha beer has created a path-breaking campaign capturing this spirit. Instead of the brash, reckless vibe associated with typical alcohol brands, Gorkha beer has crafted a unique campaign highlighting what the beer stands for. Have a look:


The campaign is truly unique! Phrases like loyalty, courteousness, respect ring out loud, showcasing the attributes associated with the Gorkhas. The campaign has been winning hearts all over Nepal, inspiring people to lead meaningful lives. Here’s saluting the Gorkha spirit!