For All Those Times When A Pile Of Dirty Dishes Was A Nuisance? Time For #NoMoreDishStress!

Out of all the things that cause crazy amounts of stress, you know what’s THE most stressful problem? Ensuring clean dishes in the house! Dish stress is real, people. More often than not, we have maids who help clean dishes. But that has it’s own set of challenges. For starters, just the effort to wake up early to open the door for the maids? That sucks!

And in case you aren’t satisfied with your maid’s dish washing – well, you can’t eat off dirty dishes, can you? You’ll probably try rolling up your sleeves and trying to do it yourself… until you give up.

And the off chance that your maid doesn’t show up at all? Well dish stress hits peak and it’s time for a full-fledged stressful breakdown.

Guess what? There’s a brand with a solve to this stressful problem! Yep – Bosch Dishwasher!

What’s the campaign insight?

Their entire solution is driven with the insight that there are a set of people like you and me who really don’t have a lot of time to clean dishes and are likely over-reliant on their maids, who may or may not show up. The added trouble is the incessant need of supervision. As a result, they suffer from cray levels of dish stress! Enter Bosch Dishwasher and #NoMoreDishStress!

How will it ensure #NoMoreDishStress?

The dishwasher has been designed to get perfectly clean, dry and spotless dishes at just touch of a button every time. The dishwasher has been designed to get perfectly clean, dry and spotless dishes at just touch of a button every time. It cleans tough oily stains for all varieties of utensils – from kadhai to pressure cooker to microwave plastic to fancy glassware. It’s equipped with flexible programs and baskets and sections suited to the Indian needs. Basically, it’s your one-stop shop to ensure you have #NoMoreDishStress and that your peaceful, happy vibe at home never gets ruined with an unexpected pile of dirty dishes that need cleaning!

What could the future look like?

So think of all those times when you had to bail on a plan because your maid didn’t show up or when you reached home after a horrible work day to find a ginormous pile of dishes in the sink? That can all be a thing of the past thanks to the Bosch Dishwasher. Time to be smart and ensure that no unexpected chore ever interrupts you chilling at home ever again!

After all why should some dirty dishes dampen your jovial spirit at home!

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