Udacity Is Bringing Programmes To Develop Skills For The Jobs Of Tomorrow To India!

As Indians we are used to a very peculiar form of learning. One which is restrictive in terms of skill development and is confined to jargons and definitions. This learning might just prove to be a hindrance when it comes to the jobs of the future. Keeping this in mind, Udacity, a Silicon Valley based lifelong learning platform is brining its Nanodegree programs to India. This will enable Indian engineers and tech enthusiasts to be prepared and ready for the job of tomorrow.

When it comes to marketing such an offering, it becomes quite difficult. You have to talk about your programs in a short time, and at the same time keep the viewers hooked on. This campaign, created by McCann Worldgroup India did just that. With the idea of breaking the clutter of a vast number of ed-tech companies in India, the ad aims to establish Udacity as a lifelong learning platform – “the Silicon Valley way”.

Check out the video here :


The campaign aims to highlight how futuristic technologies can be the best way for students to drive the change in our everyday lives. The innovative scenes in the film which involve a robotic arm playing a piano, a self driven car and the likes, are crisply able to communicate the brand ethos of Udacity. This platform brings knowledge and innovation together to truly equip Indian students and prepare them for the #JobsOfTomorrow.

As technology and its development continue to create new opportunities in the global marketplace, Udacity looks forward to imparting relevant skills to its students in nascent and emerging technologies to improve their job prospects and unlock their true potential.

If you have been used to ‘mugging-up’ your text books, or chanting formulas – this is a breath of fresh air indeed.