If You’re Looking For A Quirky Invitation For Any Event, Look No Further!

Peppy music, dancing beats, lots of food, hearty laughs and a whole of happiness – ain’t nothing as special as when it’s time for a desi shaadi! Weddings are undoubtedly the most special time of our lives. Not just for the bride and groom, but for the entire set of loved ones involved, weddings equal time for celebration!



Weddings require meticulous planning for every little detail – but probably one of the most important parts is the much anticipated invite! Traditionally, wedding invites were all about those thick printed cards, but there are quirky brands helping couples do something very hatke for their weddings. One such awesomely fun brand on the block is Let’s Announce! They’re one of the leading online portals for unique video announcements! They make these really cool digital video invitations which can then be shared on Whatsapp, Facebook or any other portal. Sounds fun, right? It is! Check out a few of their video invites that we absolutely loved!




So fun and vibrant! We love the colours and the music and overall vibe of their work. Lets Announce was founded in 2015 by a young couple Saurabh and Kirthi, who perfectly understand the pulse of weddings, thanks to their own journey. The company now does awesome invites for not just weddings, but other events like birthdays, baby showers or pretty much any other ceremony.  They’re creating handcrafted invites to make days special for their customers around the world. If there’s a special day coming up for you – do check them out on www.letsannounce.com ! A little quirky invite will definitely make your day that much more memorable 🙂