Finally A Brand That Has A Progressive, Awesome Solve For Couples Choosing To Live-in Together!

It’s nearly 2018. We can control lights with our phones, we have robot citizens and we’re pretty close to flying cars. But you know what’s still a taboo in India? Two unmarried people in love deciding to stay together. We’re scared to even type the word because judgey people from all over society may sue us but what the heck… couples deciding to live-in! Aaaaand we’re sure landlords and home owners all over are going…

It’s ridiculous, but it’s true! Live-in couples face a lot of hardships, from dealing with their parents to finding a place! It’s this specific problem that a brand has picked up, and decided to solve – Home First (HFFC)

This discriminating attitude towards couples who live-in is a pretty real social problem, and Home First has the perfect solution to serve this segment. They’ve come out with the perfect product: Home Loans for the Happily Live-ins! A genius solve which allows couples looking to move in together to not face the trauma of house-hunting as a non-married couple. How? Well, instead of rent, they can simply pay EMIs! It’s a similar pinch on the pocket, without any judgement – with the added cherry of buying your house together at the end of it all!

Their latest campaign showcases exactly that, through the eyes of a very candid, relatable couple looking to move in together. Their experiences of dealing with judgmental and discriminating landlords is sadly something that is the harsh truth. Enter Home First, and the happily live-ins and live-in happily ever after! Watch the campaign below:



We absolutely love the campaign! It’s refreshing to see a brand not judge when two consenting adults choose to live together. In fact, they’ve come up with the perfect tech-led product to in fact help the couples celebrate their love. Pretty awesome, right? Progressive meets tech-savvy, we need more such brands to step up and help make a tangible difference! Well done, team Home First, take a bow.


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