Bankbazaar’s Spreading Musical Cheer & Winning Major Props!

If there’s a brand that’s known for the most original, delightful campaigns, it’s gotta be! They always find fun ways to celebrate their success with their social media family, and this year was no different. 2017 has been an extremely successful year for Bankbazaar, and they decided to celebrate #AYearOfAwesome with a surprise for two of their biggest social media fans.

Bankbazaar planned a full on guerilla campaign complete with hidden cameras and crew, waiting to surprise their unsuspecting fans with their very own musical tributes. They got a band of singers and beat boxers together, to write songs for each fan. The idea was to then sing these songs live, as a surprise for each fan– with cameras, an ensemble of musicians and a film crew hiding in the respective locations, the fun began.

They managed to catch these fans unaware and made their day with the biggest surprise! First up, a certain Malvika at Blossoms Bookstore, Church Street whose day was about to get really special!


So cute, right? Well, she loved it too.


The second lucky fan was a certain Sagar at The Tea Door Cafe, Indiranagar, who was delighted with a surprise rendition just for him!



And he certainly was surprised!


Bankbazaar‘s campaign does a wonderful job at letting their fans know that they’re always listening and appreciate the support and engagement given to them! It’s the perfect way to do something thoughtful and spread the cheer, during the holiday season. And it’s not just Malvika and Sagar, but all their social media fans have been raving about the brand’s creative celebration of their biggest fans!



All in all, a really special campaign pulled off by Bankbazaar – certainly a fitting end to #AYearOfAwesome! Well done, guys!