Stop everything & try this chocolate bar which is nothing like you have ever tasted before!

The choices and preferences of the new generation of Indians are changing. The usual doesn’t cut ice with them anymore. They love to experiment and look for something new in everything. And when it comes to the Indian chocolate market, it has a dearth of chocolate bar brands, let alone interesting and unique ones.

That’s where Hoppits hops in, to tap the market of evolving taste buds. A never-seen-before blend of ingredients in chocolate bars which are exotic and delectable at the same time. From the house of Schmitten Luxury Chocolates, Hoppits is the first Indian chocolate bar brand with Dark Chocolate variants. The range include Dark Chocolate with Granola & Fruits, Dark Chocolate with Granola & Nuts, Rich Caramel with Golden Nougat and Roasted Almonds with White Nougat. The ingredients range from Cranberries to Orange Peel, Rice Crispies to Nougatine with Ghanian Cocoa.

With Hoppits, discover a new taste in its every bite. That’s the insight from where the idea for the successful campaign “More You Discover, More You Love”, has stemmed from. And with a Brand Ambassador like Sidharth Malhotra, the brand connects perfectly with the intended target group of young adults and first jobbers. The TVC peps up the adventure quotient of the brand and how the uniqueness of the ingredients are discovered. The TVC has already clocked north of 2.5 Mn views on Facebook and 2+ Mn views on YouTube. Check it out here:


Overall, it is a campaign based on a strong insight, perfect choice of brand ambassador and a first of its kind range in the product category. Kudos!