McDonald’s Just Messed Up Their Black Friday Tweet And Somebody’s Getting Fired

It’s that time of the year when brands are on their toes in order to get their marketing right. But, mistakes do happen, and for this error we are sure someone is going to get fired. Today morning, McDonald’s tweeted something which we are guessing was a scheduled tweet. The idea was to promote a Black Friday offer, but looks like they completely forgot about it and posted a draft instead.

The tweet has already been retweeted more than 11k times and while it definitely is not what McDonald’s had planned, Twitterati certainly had a field day with it.

1. Got that reaction right.


2. Worth framing.


3. Okay it may not be an intern Matt.


And someone finally said it.

That is definitely true, as this tweet has already gotten more traction than previous holiday season tweets.

McDonald’s did respond to the chaos with a tweet.