10 Funniest Commercials From The M.O.M Vault That Will Leave You In Splits


1. When Fiat went badass with this piece of brilliance.


2. The Obamas and The British Royal family were trash talking each other before their countries were pitted against each other in the Invictus Games. NowThis created this brilliant mashup of how the events transpired. Boom!


3. A naked woman, the fashion police, and an empowering speech


4. When Doritos gave ‘glory hole’ a whole new meaning in their Super Bowl spot.


5. When Center Fresh took a dig on stereotypical Indian advertising.


6. Sometimes a sauna isn’t just a sauna.


7. Shot in Brazil, this model unwittingly woos a group of men and what follows is chaos. What is the ad about? To promote the voice activation and body motion control features of Samsung’s Smart TV.


8. HSBC understands how different cultures are across the world, and they turned that into brilliant advertising.


9. Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus Christ and Mother Teresa are having a nice Christmas dinner together, totally massaging each other’s ego, when they meet a new guy who brings a hilarious twist to the meal.


10. Fevicol’s genius, a ‘baraat’ and Katrina Kaif.